Pediatric Patients

Josephsen Dentistry is proud to serve the families from our community, and we want them to know it’s just as important for children to have regular dental visits. A child’s first dental visit should be scheduled when the first baby tooth appears, or around the child’s first birthday. Baby teeth eventually come out, but their growth and development are important for overall oral health for the child and the development of their adult teeth.

Baby teeth should be brushed and cared for like adult teeth, and it’s important to monitor their growth and development. Missing any tooth for too long can change the development of surrounding teeth and compromise the structure of the jaw bone, but regular checkups can keep a child’s tooth development right on track.

Our dentists are skilled and experienced in administering dental care to children. If your child seems nervous about seeing a dentist for the first time, we recommend going through a brushing routine with them at home and talking about the dental visit before you arrive. Once we get your child’s oral health off to a great start, we offer a full range of services for child patients including dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants.

We love to see good oral hygiene habits formed early and make lifetime patients out of kids from our community! To learn more about pediatric dental care and all the services we offer, visit www.josephs for more information. To schedule an appointment, call Drs. Gregory and Alfred Josephsen of Josephsen Family Dentistry in West Caldwell, NJ, at 973-228-0076 today.